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AVANT Hires JP Tucker as Director of Product

We’re excited to introduce the newest member of the AVANT team. JP Tucker joined us on July 11th as Director of Product.  JP is a former Product Manager at Google tasked with building next-generation technology for the Android mobile operating system.

JP just completed an exclusive MBA and MS in design and innovation from Kellogg, a dual-degree which grants both an MBA and a Master’s of Science in Design Innovation through the McCormick School of Engineering.  

As exceptional as JP’s resume is, one former position stood out to us.  JP was a consultant for AVANT in the early years and helped us design much of our internal financial and operational processes. He is very familiar with our business model and will hit the ground running.

“I’m really looking forward to being immersed in the energy and dynamic culture of working for a high-growth, industry-changing company like AVANT, and the opportunity to build next-gen technology that will disrupt this industry.”, said JP.  Coming from a guy that worked at Google, that says a lot about AVANT's commitment to innovation. 

JP will report to Ron Hayman, our Chief Cloud Officer, and will help us continue to build the next-generation Sales Enablement Platform that helps our partner exceed at selling next-generation IT solutions.  

“We hired JP to leverage his incredible experience as a product owner to help us bring AVANT’s vision for the most user-friendly and powerful partner enablement technology platform our industry has ever seen.”, said Ron. “JP's background in product development at Google makes him a perfect fit for the role and were excited to have him.”

We believe that, at the heart of great technology, there is a human element: the user.  For technology to be effective in helping the user achieve their goals it must be engineered to provide an intuitive and delightful user experience.  JP brings to AVANT the experience and insight that will help us build a sales enablement platform that will change the very way the channel does business.  That’s the AVANT Rebellion, and JP Tucker just joined.  Let’s do this.